Account & Privacy Information


Can I place my order over the phone?

Absolutely! Our friendly customer service is there to help you, and can be reached at 732-257-4500.

Do I have to register on the website to make an order online?

No. However there are great perks to creating an account, such as saving your shopping list, referring a friend to get cash back, and more.

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes there is. Our refrigerated fleet will only deliver orders that exceed $250. With bulk shopping at great prices, we hope this will be easy to accomplish. Orders over $500 do not have a delivery charge.

How do I make changes to my order?

Please contact customer service and we’ll try our best to help you with your order.

Can I save my order as a shopping list?

Yes. This is one of the many benefits to signing up for a Dependable account, along with “Refer a Friend” benefits, and more.


What payment options do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Debit cards are accepted as long as they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

When does the charge come through on my Credit Card?

A hold is placed on the card used for purchase until the actual transaction occurs. Variable weighted items, such as produce and meat, may adjust final cost.

Why is the 'total price' on my receipt different from the 'estimated total price' I was given when I ordered?

Products sold by weight may fluctuate slightly, as they are only weighed upon fulfillment. Additionally, if a product is unable to be fulfilled, you will receive a refund for the missing product.


How are the groceries packed?

Dependable Foods ships the product to the consumer the same way it is sent to all of its commercial clients. In most cases each product is sold by the case, so a large bulk order will be delivered in a very organized fashion.

Do you deliver to my area?

Please see all locations we deliver to here. If your address is outside one of the areas listed, please reach out to our customer service department - and they will check with our logistical team to see if we can accommodate your request.

Do you ship out of the tri-state area?

Not at this time, but we hope to have that option available for you in the near future. Please sign up to our emails, and we will let you know as soon as this option becomes available.

Can I schedule a delivery?

We can only schedule a delivery date not time.

When will my order be delivered?

Orders placed before 5pm typically take about 2 business days to be delivered. Order placed after 5pm will be routed the next day. In several locations the order might be delivered even sooner.

Is there a delivery charge?

There is a high cost to run our fleet of refrigerated trucks, but any order over $500 does not have a delivery cost. Anything less than $500 has a $25 charge. With bulk purchasing, we hope that it will not be too difficult to make an order that meets this requirement.

What happens if I miss a delivery?

The orders will be delivered to your door if you are not going to be there please reach out to our customer service team and we can schedule a delivery day for you.

How can I know when you start delivering to my location?

Please sign up to our email list. As we expand our premium shopping experience to more locations, we will be sure to let you know.

What happens if I provide an incorrect shipping address?

a. Always double check your order using one of our many confirmation methods. Please call us as soon as you notice any address errors. We will do everything possible to make sure the order is shipped to the correct address.

b. Please be advised that if an incorrect address was provided, and the food is shipped/delivered to the incorrect address, we will try our best to assist you.

c. Perishable products in orders that are already in transit cannot be canceled or rerouted.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Edison New Jersey, home of the Dependable Food headquarters.

Are all deliveries done in refrigerated trucks?

Yes. Our recently upgraded fleet of refrigerated vans and trucks ensure that you get the freshest products.

Returns & Refunds

What is your complete return policy?

Please review our complete Return Policy here. *perishable products cannot be returned or exchanged.

What should I do if a product is wrong, damaged or missing?

Please email us at info@dependablefood.com, and we will make sure that the issue is resolved.

What are "perishable" products?

What is your cancellation policy for non-perishable products?


Are all your products kosher?

Yes. The brands we carry all have the highest standards of Kosher Certification.

Which certifications do you have on your products?

The Hecher for the products are available in the product pages if you have any questions regarding the hescher please do not hesitate to contact us.


How do I find products that are on special?

Shopping in bulk means significant savings on everything we carry. We offer monthly super-specials that can be seen on out “Top Deals” section, as well as in our weekly emails. Please be sure to sign up to be informed of the latest deals.

What are the expiration dates on your packages?

How is the chicken and meat packaged?

Some of our chicken and meat products are packed in smaller bags that can be easily stored.

How are products packed for shipping?

All products are kept in a temperature controlled environment till the orders are packed into the refrigerated trucks.

I don't see a product I want.

We are constantly growing our line of products that we make available for retail. Please use the contact form to let us know if there is something you ended that is not listed on our site.

What do I do with the dry ice that is in the cooler?

Do not touch the ice with your bare hands. It's really cold! You may leave it in the cooler and place the cooler outside. The ice will evaporate within 24 hours.

Can I refreeze the food in the freezer if it thawed or partially thawed?

Yes, the food may be safely refrozen if the food still contains ice crystals or is at 40 °F or below. You will have to evaluate each item separately. Be sure to discard any items in either the freezer or the refrigerator that have come into contact with raw meat juices. Partial thawing and refreezing may reduce the quality of some food, but the food will remain safe to eat. See the attached charts for specific recommendations regarding Freezing and Cooking recommendations.


Safe Cooking Temperature

Refrigerator (37°F)

Freezer (0°F)

Eggs Fresh, in shell

Cook until yolk and white are firm

3 to 5 weeks

Do not freeze

Eggs Raw yolks and whites

Cook until yolk and white are firm

2 to 4 days

1 year

Egg Dishes


Hamburger and stew meat


1 to 2 days

3 to 4 months

Ground turkey, veal & lamb and mixtures


1 to 2 days

3 to 4 months



3 to 5 days

6 to 12 months



3 to 5 days

4 to 6 months



3 to 5 days

4 to 12 months

Variety meats — tongue, liver, heart, kidneys, chitterlings


1 to 2 days

3 to 4 months

Pre-stuffed, uncooked lamb chops


1 day

Does not freeze well

Chicken or whole turkey


1 to 2 days

1 year

Chicken or turkey pieces


1 to 2 days

9 months



1 to 2 days

3 to 4 months

Fin Fish

145°F or cook until flesh is opaque and separates easily with a fork

1 to 2 days

30 days

Have a question or issue not answered here? Feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to help. The “Contact Us” form can be found on the footer of our website.