Serving Our Community for Over 50 Years


A leader in the wholesale distribution market for over 50 years, Dependable Food specializes in serving Kosher food purveyors like bakeries, manufacturers, caterers, restaurants and more. Dependable never compromises price for quality, distributing only the most premium quality ingredients.

These premium products are now available to you! Our wide range of products includes a full line of fresh Grade-A fruits and vegetables, Dairy and non-dairy cheeses, frozen and canned goods, meat and poultry, soup mixes, sauces, condiments, and par-baked goods – to name just a few. We carry major national brands as well as our own top-quality Kosher brands: “Dependable”, “Masbia” and “Tov Lakol”, produced under the strictest Rabbinical supervision.

As a service oriented company, we focus on a consumer driven experience. Our new retail delivery service will enable you to get your staple items on your doorstep, on a manageable schedule, and at a reasonable price. We look forward to developing a relationship with you going forward, and getting your input on how we can better help you with your shopping.



  • Check to make sure your zipcode is eligible for local delivery
  • Purchase $250 worth of groceries and staples
  • Delivery should be received within 2 days